Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How To Master Google+ Part 11

Creating Targeted Content

An easy way of featuring your content within the Google+ community, and to help Google begin to identify your content throughout the web is by adding a link to your Google profile page within your content posts.

You do this by using ‘rel’ anchor text in this format:
<a rel="author" href="http://profiles.google.com/your-username">

You can use anchor text that includes your full name or website URL and hyperlink to your Google profile as well.

If you run a Wordpress based blog, you can use byline with an author URL allowing you to add rel= into your post byline.

 You can also create an
“About Me” page on your bog and link to your Google Profile using “rel=author”.

Google will check for a connection between your content pages (websites,blogs and articles) to an author page (about me) and your Google Profile as a way of identifying you as a content developer and author.

By placing a link to your Google profile, and by using the “rel=author” achor text to hyperlink to your Google+ account, you will simply make it easier for Google to confirm authorship.

Just make sure that you place a link TO and FROM your Google Profile on your content pages or About Me page. Google looks for a 2-way link structure in order to confirm that it’s really you!

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