Saturday, 4 February 2012

How To Use Google+ Part 12

Advanced Google+ Tips & Tricks

There are many different options and features available within your Google+ community that will help you enhance productivity and to quickly expand your outreach so that you are able to consistently build contacts and networking opportunities.

One of the ways that you can reach out to existing contacts is by choosing to notify specific circles or individuals when you post important information or updates.

 Keep in mind that you should use this option carefully, so that
you are not flagged by the system as sending spam.

To notify circles of important updates, click “Notify About Post” when you create a new update within your Google+ account.

Personalizing Your Updates
You can choose to mention people within your content and updates in the same way that you would twitter, using the @ symbol like this:
"@username is a true inspiration".
You can also mention someone with the plus (+) symbol like this:
"+username is a true inspiration".
In addition, if you find that someone is posting too regularly, or you aren’t interested in all of his or her updates, you can choose to “Mute" the conversation so that it no longer appears in your stream.

With Google+, a “stream” is like the timeline on Twitter, or a wall on Facebook with all of your circles’ updates appearing within a single stream.

You can choose to browse through streams from all of your circles, or by each circle at a time, filtering your streams to display only content from specific circles.

 This makes it easy to discover new content and updates
from segmented groups! You can also customize your content, updates and posts within the Google+ network, so that it appears in bold, italic or even underlined!

Here are the custom codes to use when writing new content for your circles:

Bold your text: *word* - wrapping your text in star asterisks will bold that part of your text.

 For example, if I enter in
*hello*, the word hello will appear in bold.

_word_ will make your word italic. Just add underscores around the words that you would like to italicize. 
-word- will create a strikethrough, changing this into this
These are just a few quick ways that you can enhance your content while making certain words or titles stand out to your readers.
Create HangoutsYou can also create a "Hangout within
Google+, which is a place for you and your circles to connect.

You can call your Hangout anything you choose, and allow only certain circles to access this communication channel.

You will need to install the Google Voice and Video plugin in order to create or access hangout.
Click “
Start Hangout” from your profile page to open up a channel in which those within your circle can communicate with you.

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