Friday, 27 January 2012

Create A Fast Income Today

I reckon you can make an easy $200 in your first week
and increase it from there with only one product,
imagine having 5 products for sale.

The first thing I would do is go to 7 dollar Mall
and choose a product to promote that pays 100%
instant commissions.

Next, I'd come up with the money to buy whichever
product I decided on - borrow it, sell a few DVDs at the
pawn shop, whatever it took to come up with 7 bucks or
so to be able to buy the product so you can become
an affiliate.

Why? Most of these require you to be a customer in
order to resell it, plus, if you own the product you'll
be able to talk about it better.

Let's pick one and use it for our example.

"White Collar Warrior - Self Protection skills" looks good.

I happen to know a lot of people are interested in
self defense and protection so at $7 it should be
a good seller.

At $7 it's an impulse item for most people and a lot will
buy it in hopes there will be something useful.

Now, you gotta have somebody to sell it to.

You want to study the sales letter and make notes of
why one needs to be able to protect themselves and
the consequences of not being able to. Write down the
whole sales letter if you have to, but you MUST know
it well.

You need to read the book as well and get as familiar with
it as you can.

(Yes, I know this is a lot of work, but you got to have
money, and short of taking out a loan, this is going to
be the quickest way to get it other than selling all your
stuff at the pawn shop.)

Next step, sign up for a free account at BlogTalkRadio.

Now, you're going to do a short 15 to 30 minute radio show
based on the notes you took while reading the sales letter.
You'll save it on BlogTalkRadio as well as download the mp3
to your computer.

Why? Because it will get indexed in Google within an hour
or so most times; sometimes quicker, depending on how
well you choose your keywords.

It doesn't have to be elaborate, just talk about the points
made in the sales letter. You want to arouse curiosity and
and a little fear when people listen to the recording so when
you send them to the link, they're pre-sold. Just be sure to
include your affiliate link at the end so they can get more

Upload the mp3 of your recording to your webhost because
you're going to be offering it as a free download.

If you have a host with cpanel, you can set up a blog
with Wordpress and make a few entries regarding the
book, plus offer your mp3 as a free download.

Otherwise, sign up for a free "Blogger" blog, or one
from You want a little extra help in
getting indexed in the search engines as quickly and
as high as possible.

Next, do a search for self defense forums and sign up at
a few of the best ones you can find. Set up your sig file
to point to your blog and the free mp3 your giving away.

Join the conversations.

AS always, add value to the conversation, not just mindless
posts because you will get booted from most of these forums
in a heartbeat if you break protocol.

Sign up for Twitter, Facebook, SoKule, and any other social
networking sites you want to. Put the link to your blog
in your profile.

Find news articles describing personal attacks on people and
post links on your accounts. Make 3-4 posts to these news
stories, and then make a post linking to your blog. Then do it
over and over again. 3-4 posts about news stories, then a
post pointing them to your blog.

You want to get people to thinking about personal safety so
they'll download your recording and listen to it. After that, you
want them to visit your affiliate link and buy your product.

You should be able to do all this in a day; two at the most.

Now, you can also go to some free traffic exchanges and set
up free classified ads. I have had some success with these
pointing them to a squeeze page.

You read ads for credits and trade your credits for ads. They're
usually on a timer so you get credit after a few seconds. You
can go through a dozen or so in a couple of minutes and rack
up 75 to 100 credits fairly fast.

The traffic isn't targeted, but there's a ton of it so you'll get
a few bites along the way.

You should be able to give away several of your mp3 recordings
especially since you're not asking for an opt-in. (You're in a rush
for money, remember?)

One of my favorites is

Another good place is Michael Rasmussen's Free Advertising forum,
and Mike Filsaime's USFreeAds for placing free classifieds.

Next, search for self defense blogs and leave good comments
while leaving the link to your blog in the URL box.

By now, you should have made a sale or two. Take $12.50
and buy a top sponsor ad in 100,000 safelist emails at
MPB Advertising.

That's $12.50 for 100,000 opened emails, not necessarily acted on.

You'll have to have a kickass ad to get people to click your
link so you'll have to test and test.

Once you get your ad converting at a decent rate, go to
2 Bucks an Ad and place your ad in front of over 170,000
ezine readers for another $10.

Once you get some sales coming in, you can buy more
ad space in other ezines at Ezine classified.

At some point, you need to sign up for an autoresponder and
start capturing names and emails addresses to build a list so
you don't have to go through this again, but this will generate
some quick cash.

Once you get some momentum going you can go to:
My Fave Affiliate Products
and sign up for higher paying instant commission products.

For instance, John Yeo's "Blogger's Paycheck" that pays $67
payments straight into your Paypal account instantly!

The only thing to do now is just get started and do it. This plan
WILL work if you do. It's working for me right now!

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