Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How To Master Google+ Part 11

Creating Targeted Content

An easy way of featuring your content within the Google+ community, and to help Google begin to identify your content throughout the web is by adding a link to your Google profile page within your content posts.

You do this by using ‘rel’ anchor text in this format:
<a rel="author" href="http://profiles.google.com/your-username">

You can use anchor text that includes your full name or website URL and hyperlink to your Google profile as well.

If you run a Wordpress based blog, you can use byline with an author URL allowing you to add rel= into your post byline.

 You can also create an
“About Me” page on your bog and link to your Google Profile using “rel=author”.

Google will check for a connection between your content pages (websites,blogs and articles) to an author page (about me) and your Google Profile as a way of identifying you as a content developer and author.

By placing a link to your Google profile, and by using the “rel=author” achor text to hyperlink to your Google+ account, you will simply make it easier for Google to confirm authorship.

Just make sure that you place a link TO and FROM your Google Profile on your content pages or About Me page. Google looks for a 2-way link structure in order to confirm that it’s really you!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

How To Master Google+ Part 10

Customizing Your Google+ Account For Maximum Exposure

You want to take the time to customize your Google+ account, so that you are able to tweak your search engine ranking data.

Your Google+ profile is very important as it helps Google identify you as a content developer, and author, as well as website visitors who view your profile listing within search results.

The first thing that you want to pay attention to is the actual headline/title of your profile page, as it becomes a part of your search engine listing.

Consider important keywords that will capture attention and speak directly to your target audience. Keep in mind that Google+ only displays a few characters from your link so make sure that you choose keywords carefully so they aren't truncated.

You should also customize your Google+ profile to include direct links to your website or blog.

You can add links to your profile by clicking on “Edit Profile” and clicking the globe icon.

One thing to keep in mind that you should create an “About Me” page on your website or blog that you can then feature inside of your Google+ profile.

When adding links to your Google+ profile page, you’ll be given the opportunity to choose a single link that represents who you are, and provides more information about you.

This link will appear inside of your search engine listing for your Google profile and again, helps to determine who you are, and what you’re all about.

In addition, Google+ brings a new way of recommending content and highlighting material on the web. Once you have activated your Google+ account, you will notice a “+1” featured next to every search listing.

When you click the +1 icon, you essentially store this website as part of your Google Profile, and all recommended web links appear under the +1 section of your Google account. If you “+1” your own content, or Google detects it as yours, they will list that content on the +1 tab of your profile.

This takes place automatically, as soon as you have added at least one page of content to your +1 listing!

You can also choose to add a link to your Google Profile on content pages, websites and blogs that you own, further encouraging interaction and helping Google to identify your content.
You can easily create a Google+ button at:

Friday, 27 January 2012

Create A Fast Income Today

I reckon you can make an easy $200 in your first week
and increase it from there with only one product,
imagine having 5 products for sale.

The first thing I would do is go to 7 dollar Mall
and choose a product to promote that pays 100%
instant commissions.

Next, I'd come up with the money to buy whichever
product I decided on - borrow it, sell a few DVDs at the
pawn shop, whatever it took to come up with 7 bucks or
so to be able to buy the product so you can become
an affiliate.

Why? Most of these require you to be a customer in
order to resell it, plus, if you own the product you'll
be able to talk about it better.

Let's pick one and use it for our example.

"White Collar Warrior - Self Protection skills" looks good.

I happen to know a lot of people are interested in
self defense and protection so at $7 it should be
a good seller.

At $7 it's an impulse item for most people and a lot will
buy it in hopes there will be something useful.

Now, you gotta have somebody to sell it to.

You want to study the sales letter and make notes of
why one needs to be able to protect themselves and
the consequences of not being able to. Write down the
whole sales letter if you have to, but you MUST know
it well.

You need to read the book as well and get as familiar with
it as you can.

(Yes, I know this is a lot of work, but you got to have
money, and short of taking out a loan, this is going to
be the quickest way to get it other than selling all your
stuff at the pawn shop.)

Next step, sign up for a free account at BlogTalkRadio.

Now, you're going to do a short 15 to 30 minute radio show
based on the notes you took while reading the sales letter.
You'll save it on BlogTalkRadio as well as download the mp3
to your computer.

Why? Because it will get indexed in Google within an hour
or so most times; sometimes quicker, depending on how
well you choose your keywords.

It doesn't have to be elaborate, just talk about the points
made in the sales letter. You want to arouse curiosity and
and a little fear when people listen to the recording so when
you send them to the link, they're pre-sold. Just be sure to
include your affiliate link at the end so they can get more

Upload the mp3 of your recording to your webhost because
you're going to be offering it as a free download.

If you have a host with cpanel, you can set up a blog
with Wordpress and make a few entries regarding the
book, plus offer your mp3 as a free download.

Otherwise, sign up for a free "Blogger" blog, or one
from Wordpress.com. You want a little extra help in
getting indexed in the search engines as quickly and
as high as possible.

Next, do a search for self defense forums and sign up at
a few of the best ones you can find. Set up your sig file
to point to your blog and the free mp3 your giving away.

Join the conversations.

AS always, add value to the conversation, not just mindless
posts because you will get booted from most of these forums
in a heartbeat if you break protocol.

Sign up for Twitter, Facebook, SoKule, and any other social
networking sites you want to. Put the link to your blog
in your profile.

Find news articles describing personal attacks on people and
post links on your accounts. Make 3-4 posts to these news
stories, and then make a post linking to your blog. Then do it
over and over again. 3-4 posts about news stories, then a
post pointing them to your blog.

You want to get people to thinking about personal safety so
they'll download your recording and listen to it. After that, you
want them to visit your affiliate link and buy your product.

You should be able to do all this in a day; two at the most.

Now, you can also go to some free traffic exchanges and set
up free classified ads. I have had some success with these
pointing them to a squeeze page.

You read ads for credits and trade your credits for ads. They're
usually on a timer so you get credit after a few seconds. You
can go through a dozen or so in a couple of minutes and rack
up 75 to 100 credits fairly fast.

The traffic isn't targeted, but there's a ton of it so you'll get
a few bites along the way.

You should be able to give away several of your mp3 recordings
especially since you're not asking for an opt-in. (You're in a rush
for money, remember?)

One of my favorites is ClicksgoneWild.com.

Another good place is Michael Rasmussen's Free Advertising forum,
and Mike Filsaime's USFreeAds for placing free classifieds.

Next, search for self defense blogs and leave good comments
while leaving the link to your blog in the URL box.

By now, you should have made a sale or two. Take $12.50
and buy a top sponsor ad in 100,000 safelist emails at
MPB Advertising.

That's $12.50 for 100,000 opened emails, not necessarily acted on.

You'll have to have a kickass ad to get people to click your
link so you'll have to test and test.

Once you get your ad converting at a decent rate, go to
2 Bucks an Ad and place your ad in front of over 170,000
ezine readers for another $10.

Once you get some sales coming in, you can buy more
ad space in other ezines at Ezine classified.

At some point, you need to sign up for an autoresponder and
start capturing names and emails addresses to build a list so
you don't have to go through this again, but this will generate
some quick cash.

Once you get some momentum going you can go to:
My Fave Affiliate Products
and sign up for higher paying instant commission products.

For instance, John Yeo's "Blogger's Paycheck" that pays $67
payments straight into your Paypal account instantly!

The only thing to do now is just get started and do it. This plan
WILL work if you do. It's working for me right now!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

How To Master Google+ part 9

Important Note About Notification Settings

Once your account begins to receive a lot of activity from contacts, you may wish to modify your delivery preferences so that you only receive notifications whenever someone mentions you, or tags you.

Otherwise, you’ll receive quite a few automatic emails from the system
containing everything from notifications of new contacts, to those who have chosen to share a post or photo directly with you.

You’ll also receive notice that new people have added you to their circles, and are now sharing information with you by browsing the

“update snapshot”

that appears in the top right corner of your Google+ account (as shown to the left).

The status icon will change color whenever a new update is posted, such as new people who have added you to their circles, or existing contacts who have posted updates.

You will also see a snapshot of new people who are sharing information with you on the front page of your Google+ profile each time that you log in:

Google+ will also start recommending people that you should follow as you begin to add people to your circles.
The recommendations are based on existing contacts and people that you have in common with others.
You can also invite people to Google+ by clicking on the
“Invite Friends”
tab that appears in the right hand navigation column of your Google+
profile page When you click on
“Invite Friends”, you’ll be given the option of inviting people by email, or you can choose to share this link with a group of people in the event you wish to invite multiple people to Google+.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

How To Master Google+ Part 8

Add My Google+ Profile

Choose your tags carefully, as they will help other like-minded individuals find you. I am focusing on business contacts and people
who are interested in work at home, marketing and blogging.

You can edit your tags at any time by logging into your gglpls.com account and editing your profile box.

Click “List yourself in the Google+ directory” link at the very top of the page to add your profile into this ever-growing directory.

You can also download a free Google+ widget that lets you add your
Google+ profile box to any website or blog that you own.

In order for your profile to appear within the directory, you will want to
make sure that you’ve allowed “Anyone on the web” to see your Google+ profile. To do this, log into your Google+ account and click “Edit Profile”.

You can assign different viewing permissions to every part of your Google+ profile, so begin by clicking on each area and making sure that you’ve selected “Anyone on the web”.

Privacy settings works the same way for all of your circles and updates as well, so once you’ve created a few different circles and you’ve begun to add contacts, you can assign different settings for each groups of contacts, such as allowing only those within circles to see specific updates, anyone on the web, or only you for personal notes that you don’t want to make public:

Here are a few other Google+ directory sites that you will want to add your profile to:
http://plus.ftppro.com  With plus.ftppro.com, you can add your Google+ account by copy and pasting in your Google+ ID, which is a string of numbers associated to your account.

 You can find your number sequence by visiting your Google+
profile account and looking at the top URL, which will look something like this:
Copy only the number part of your Google+ URL and paste it into the top text box on plus.ftppro.com .

Another popular directory is found at:
http://findpeopleonplus.com/ which has over 950, 000 Google+ users currently indexed within their directory.

With FindPeopleOnPlus, you can search for people based on relationship status, location, number of followers, gender as well as based on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

There are also directory sites that are being created around other Google+ services, such as
http://gphangouts.com/ a website dedicated to listing
available hangouts, upcoming scheduled chat sessions, and open

Another way to quickly build targeted circles of contacts is by finding the Google+ profile of an authority in your niche market, and then browsing their contacts, adding those that share similar interests and that you feel you could connect with!

When you find someone that you’d like to connect with, click on “Add to circles” from their main Google+ profile page. You will be able to select what circle you’d like to add them to.

Try to keep your contacts organized, so that you can later create content and updates geared towards specific audiences.

Each time you add someone to your circles, you can choose to add them to multiple circles, or you can create a new circle if
Whenever someone adds you to their Google+ circle, you will receive an email notification about it, giving you the opportunity to add them to your own circle.

You can customize what emails you are sent through the Google+ system by logging into your Google+ account and clicking on “Settings” from the very left navigation menu from your Google+ profile.

After clicking on Google+ Settings, you will be able to modify and
customize your profile and privacy settings, as well as what notifications you receive from Google+.
I recommend customizing your options

Sunday, 22 January 2012

How To Master Google+ Part 7

Building Targeted Circles

You can also find Google+ users from within your niche market by exploring Google+ directory sites, including:

With GGL Pls, you can browse Google+ users by tags, locations and categories. For example, if you were interested in finding people who were interested in marketing, you would click “Marketing” from the list of available tags in the left hand navigation menu.

You can add your Google+ profile link to this directory and assign tags to it to help people find you. You can add up to 3 tags to your GGLPLS.com profile.

Friday, 20 January 2012

How To Master Google+ Part 6

Creating Your Google+ Circles

With Google+, you can create an unlimited number of circles. Circles house different groups, or segments of people, so if you wanted to communicate with family members, you could create a circle primarily for members of your family.

The same goes for Networking, Partners, Customers, and Friends.

Each time you create content, or post updates to your Google+ profile, you can choose which circles can view it, making it easier than ever to create content that is targeted towards specific groups of people.

To create your first circle, log into your Google+ account and click on the circle icon from the top navigation bar.

When you are just starting out, you will have 4 pre-created circles that you can edit or delete. Google will also suggest people to add to your circles based on the contact list from your Gmail, Android and other Google services and products that you may be a part of.

You will want to edit the titles of your existing circles before adding in people, so that you can easily categorize your contacts. To edit one of Google+’s default circles, double-click on it to open its panel.

A pop up window will appear that contains the circles name, a brief description about the circle, as well as a snapshot of who you have added to the circle. Since you are just getting started with Google+, most of these areas will be empty for now.

To rename a default circle, click “rename” at the very top of the table. To edit the description of your circle, click on “edit description”.

Creating clear descriptions for each circle is important as it will help you better organize your contacts once you start adding people to your circles.
As time goes on and you have multiple circles of contacts, you will be able to view individual streams and updates from each group of contacts by clicking “View stream for this circle” at the very bottom of your circle’s information table.

You can also search for specific contacts later on, by opening the information table for each circle you’ve created, and clicking on “Search” in the top right corner:

You can have as many circles as you wish, creating new ones by clicking on the circles icon in the top navigation menu.

When you create a circle, no one but you can see what you’ve called that circle, nor can they see those you choose to add into it unless you enable it from within your privacy settings. Otherwise, all that anyone can see is that you added them into a circle, not what that circle is called.

This makes it easy for you to organize your contacts, so that you are able to identify groups of people based on your circle names.

Begin by creating a few different circles based on the groups of people that you plan to communicate with. You can easily find existing Google+ contacts by entering in part of their name or email address into the search box at the top of your Google account’s main page.

If the person you are searching for is already on Google+, they will appear within the search results window otherwise you will be given the option to invite them to Google+.

Google will also suggest users based on your existing gmail contacts, and these users will appear along the top of your Google+ circle page.

When you see someone that you’d like to add to your circle, drag their name into an existing circle, or to create a new circle, drag them into the blank circle that is visible on your profile page.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

How To master Google+ Part 5

Disable Re-sharing

If you don’t want other people to re-share (repost) your content or updates, you can disable sharing for all of your posts or individual posts.

 You do this when you create the update by selecting “Disable re-share” from the drop down menu.

You can also choose to edit or delete any post or update you’ve created, as well as disable comments in the event you would like to prevent others from posting follow-ups or feedback about your updates.

Since Google+ is a social network, I don’t recommend disabling comments on any of your posts as it’s important to interact and engage with those that have chosen to add you to their circles.

 By enabling comments, you can create an open dialogue and further build your brand, and following.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

How To master Google+ Part 4

Complete Your Profile

You will want to add your real name and photo to your profile, as well as a description about you and what you are interested in.

 You can complete your profile by clicking on “edit profile” from your main Google+ account page.

The more complete your profile, the easier it will be to connect with other Google+ users, so that you can build targeted circles of contacts.

At the top of your Google+ profile page, you will see an assortment of tabs, including “Posts”, “About”, “Photos”, “Videos”, “+1’s” and “Buzz”.

You can edit the tabs that are visible to your contacts at any time or disable specific tabs altogether. Your profile information appears to potential contacts on your “About” page, and when creating your profile, you should begin with an introduction (utilizing keywords that will help people find you), as well as a direct link to your website or blog.

You can also choose to add your occupation, employment, places you’ve lived, work information, relationship status, as well as gender.

Click “Finished Editing” when you have completed your profile and wish to save your changes.
Next, click “View Profile As” at the top right of your profile page. This will give you the option to view your profile as it’s visible to the public.

Read it over, making sure that it accurately reflects what you are most interested in, what your business is about and that all included links are active and in working order and then save your changes once again.

Friday, 13 January 2012

How To Master Google+ Part 3

Accessing Google+

To access Google+, visit
http://plus.google.com , or if you are logged into an existing gmail account, you will see the option to connect at the top left
corner of your email administration page.

You can also access Google+ through the menu items on the top right hand of your gmail account, or through any of the following URL’s

(leads directly to your Google+ profile page if you have an existing account)

Whenever you receive a new alert or notification, such as someone adding you into their circles, or posting a comment or update, the notification box will appear in red, along with the number of updates that have taken place.

This makes it very easy for you to stay on top of new alerts and updates,right from your gmail account!

Keep in mind that when creating your Google+ account, you will need to use your real name and photo.
Google prohibits the use of fictional
names, aliases and images that misrepresent who you are, such as mascots or stock photos. Adding false information to your Google+ profile

may result in your account being banned, and restricted access to other Google services as well.

Google has plans to roll out a segment of its Google+ social community that focuses on business use. At that time, you will be able to create accounts in your business name, or other registered names and trademarks that you use.

You will find the number of people who have added you into circles on the left hand side of your profile’s main page, with the people you’ve chosen to add in circles below that.

Keep in mind that you can decide to allow everyone who visits your profile page to see the number of people you have in
circles, as well as who has added you – or you can choose to block visibility for extra privacy.

To customize this option, click on the “Edit” link from the main page of your profile and configure your privacy settings.

Next, click on the globe icon that appears right next to your circles .

When you do this, an option table will appear.
You can now choose to allow anyone on the web to see the people in your circles, or choose to allow only people within your circles to be able to see it.
 click “Finished Editing” at the top of your profile page when you have finished customizing your profile visibility and options.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

How To Master Google+ Part 2

Getting Started With Google+

Google+ was developed on a very simple yet powerful foundation. Rather than adding friends into one community base or following list, you can segment your contacts by adding them into what are called

You can label your circles as anything you wish, such as 


"Network Partners", or even "Customers". You can also have as many circles without limits.

The best thing about your circles is that they are kept private, so that even when you add someone to your circle, they only see that you've added them as a connection, not what circle you added them into.

When you first join Google+, you will want to begin by creating a handful of circles, with each one categorized based on the people you’re in contact with.

For example, you might create a circle for “Family”, “Friends”, “Partners” or even “Customers”.

By creating individual circles for each group of contacts, you can post content that goes out only to specific audiences, allowing you to "tailor" your content and updates based so that they are shared only with specific groups of people.

This is VERY powerful, because instead of posting an update as you would on Facebook or Twitter, and your entire following base being able to see it, you can create content around specific audiences, which gives you the opportunity to connect in a very different, and far more personalized way.

 It’s social segmenting at its best!

Google+ offers other special features as well, including
“Stream” which is the newsfeed from those you have chosen to add to your circles as well as your own posts and updates.

You can view current updates from within your personal stream by logging into your Google+ account and clicking on your username, or by visiting the main page of your profile.

Google+ also introduced Hangouts 
which offers live, multi-person video chat between Google+ users.

You can set your status as available or offline, and when you’re active, people from within your circles are able to connect with you via video live feed.

In fact, you can have as many people within a video channel as you wish – absolutely free!

And theres also sparks a recommendation based search engine.

With Sparks, you are able to share interesting content, websites and information with those within your circles.

All you have to do is subscribe to the live feeds and receive content based around your chosen topics or interests. The Sparks feed is available to you in over 40 different languages.

You can also choose to share photos, videos and links with everyone within your circles, as well as those that have added you to their personal contact list.

Bundled into this feature-rich social network, Google+ also introduced
Huddle, which is a powerful text based messaging service that enables you to send instant text messages to individuals, or groups of people that you are contact with.

There are other features that have been introduced to Google+ users as well, including +Mobile, allowing you to sync your Google+ account to any mobile device such as an iPhone.

You can upload photos instantly, and even use your phone’s built-in GPS to tag places, and allow your contacts to keep up with you’re doing!

You can also optionally add locations to your Google+ updates, so that your contacts can see where you are at any given time, by adding a location link to every Google+ post you make!

In addition, you can take advantage of Google+’s “Instant Upload” utility, which enables you to upload photos directly from your mobile device.

You can choose to add your photos to a public or private album, and set permissions so that only specific circles (or all of your circles) can see them.

You can opt to receive updates and alerts of when Google+ goes live by visiting:

and subscribing to their notification list.

You can also create an account by requesting an invite from someone you know who is already using Google+.