Friday, 13 January 2012

How To Master Google+ Part 3

Accessing Google+

To access Google+, visit , or if you are logged into an existing gmail account, you will see the option to connect at the top left
corner of your email administration page.

You can also access Google+ through the menu items on the top right hand of your gmail account, or through any of the following URL’s

(leads directly to your Google+ profile page if you have an existing account)

Whenever you receive a new alert or notification, such as someone adding you into their circles, or posting a comment or update, the notification box will appear in red, along with the number of updates that have taken place.

This makes it very easy for you to stay on top of new alerts and updates,right from your gmail account!

Keep in mind that when creating your Google+ account, you will need to use your real name and photo.
Google prohibits the use of fictional
names, aliases and images that misrepresent who you are, such as mascots or stock photos. Adding false information to your Google+ profile

may result in your account being banned, and restricted access to other Google services as well.

Google has plans to roll out a segment of its Google+ social community that focuses on business use. At that time, you will be able to create accounts in your business name, or other registered names and trademarks that you use.

You will find the number of people who have added you into circles on the left hand side of your profile’s main page, with the people you’ve chosen to add in circles below that.

Keep in mind that you can decide to allow everyone who visits your profile page to see the number of people you have in
circles, as well as who has added you – or you can choose to block visibility for extra privacy.

To customize this option, click on the “Edit” link from the main page of your profile and configure your privacy settings.

Next, click on the globe icon that appears right next to your circles .

When you do this, an option table will appear.
You can now choose to allow anyone on the web to see the people in your circles, or choose to allow only people within your circles to be able to see it.
 click “Finished Editing” at the top of your profile page when you have finished customizing your profile visibility and options.

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