Tuesday, 24 January 2012

How To Master Google+ Part 8

Add My Google+ Profile

Choose your tags carefully, as they will help other like-minded individuals find you. I am focusing on business contacts and people
who are interested in work at home, marketing and blogging.

You can edit your tags at any time by logging into your gglpls.com account and editing your profile box.

Click “List yourself in the Google+ directory” link at the very top of the page to add your profile into this ever-growing directory.

You can also download a free Google+ widget that lets you add your
Google+ profile box to any website or blog that you own.

In order for your profile to appear within the directory, you will want to
make sure that you’ve allowed “Anyone on the web” to see your Google+ profile. To do this, log into your Google+ account and click “Edit Profile”.

You can assign different viewing permissions to every part of your Google+ profile, so begin by clicking on each area and making sure that you’ve selected “Anyone on the web”.

Privacy settings works the same way for all of your circles and updates as well, so once you’ve created a few different circles and you’ve begun to add contacts, you can assign different settings for each groups of contacts, such as allowing only those within circles to see specific updates, anyone on the web, or only you for personal notes that you don’t want to make public:

Here are a few other Google+ directory sites that you will want to add your profile to:
http://plus.ftppro.com  With plus.ftppro.com, you can add your Google+ account by copy and pasting in your Google+ ID, which is a string of numbers associated to your account.

 You can find your number sequence by visiting your Google+
profile account and looking at the top URL, which will look something like this:
Copy only the number part of your Google+ URL and paste it into the top text box on plus.ftppro.com .

Another popular directory is found at:
http://findpeopleonplus.com/ which has over 950, 000 Google+ users currently indexed within their directory.

With FindPeopleOnPlus, you can search for people based on relationship status, location, number of followers, gender as well as based on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

There are also directory sites that are being created around other Google+ services, such as
http://gphangouts.com/ a website dedicated to listing
available hangouts, upcoming scheduled chat sessions, and open

Another way to quickly build targeted circles of contacts is by finding the Google+ profile of an authority in your niche market, and then browsing their contacts, adding those that share similar interests and that you feel you could connect with!

When you find someone that you’d like to connect with, click on “Add to circles” from their main Google+ profile page. You will be able to select what circle you’d like to add them to.

Try to keep your contacts organized, so that you can later create content and updates geared towards specific audiences.

Each time you add someone to your circles, you can choose to add them to multiple circles, or you can create a new circle if
Whenever someone adds you to their Google+ circle, you will receive an email notification about it, giving you the opportunity to add them to your own circle.

You can customize what emails you are sent through the Google+ system by logging into your Google+ account and clicking on “Settings” from the very left navigation menu from your Google+ profile.

After clicking on Google+ Settings, you will be able to modify and
customize your profile and privacy settings, as well as what notifications you receive from Google+.
I recommend customizing your options

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