Monday, 2 January 2012

Domain Flipping Complete Training Part 5


Personally, I use both  and
to register my domains name, a favorite among the domain buyers and sellers.

Regardless of the registrar you choose, you will want to make sure that you park them on service sites such as or
 so that you are able to generate revenue while you are preparing to sell the domain itself.

Is the domain name easy to say aloud?

 If your customer were to purchase the domain and build a business with this name, would they be able to easily brand it?

That‟ some question that you should ask to your self when buying domain name.

For example, domain names with double letters such as "" may often be mistaken for "". Just the same, domains with odd spellings, hyphens or numbers would have to be clearly spelled out, or explained when someone is attempting to promote their website through word of mouth, rather than in print.

 Consider this when registering domain names, and make sure that the names you choose will not be mistaken or misspelled by potential customers of yours, as well as the person who ultimately purchases it from you, otherwise it will experience a significant loss in perceived value.

Just for simple… Here are some other recommended domain registrars:

 When choosing your domain names, there will be many factors that come into play. The type of audience you are catering to, the auction sites you are featuring them on, the price range you are expecting and so on

. There is no „one way‟ to do this, and you will learn to become a better domain evaluator (and purchaser) from hands on experience. Using the guidelines above however, will help you maximize your efforts and minimize your costs (and losses).

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