Wednesday, 8 February 2012

How To use Google+ Prevent Email Flooding Part 14

Prevent Email Flooding

By default, everyone who is part of your circles can send you email directly through gmail. You can disable this by clicking on “Profile & Privacy” – and

“Edit Visibility” on your profile page

Direct Permalink
If you’d like to share a Google+ update with visitors to your website or blog, you can find the direct permalink by loading the content or update, and locating the “Link to this post” from the drop down menu of your update.

Synchronizing Your Social Accounts
Automatically Update Your Twitter Status
You can easily update your Twitter status automatically each time you share new information within your Google+ account.

To do this, you will need to download the Chrome browser, available at
Once you’ve installed Google’s browser, you will be able to download the Google+ extension (called SGPlus) that will enable you to share Google+ updates with your Twitter followers.

Note: You will need to download and activate the Google+ extension within your Chrome browser before synchronizing your updates.

Once you’ve activated the extension, log into your Google+ account and click “Share” (grey button located at the top right hand corner of your Google+ profile page).

Now, the next time that you share content you will see 2 new buttons located below your post, “Sharing” and “Post Shared To Twitter”.

For more information as well as step by step instructions, visit:

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