Saturday, 11 February 2012

How To master Google+ Automatically Update Your FB Status Part 15

Automatically Update Your Facebook Status

If you’d like to synchronize your Google+ updates so that they
automatically appear on your Facebook status, you can do this by allowing your Google+ stream to re-post your updates on Facebook.

This makes it easier to keep your social accounts up to date, while automating status updates.

To do this, you will need to obtain the mobile email address from
(you will need to log into your Facebook account in order to locate your personal mobile based email address)

This is an email address that was assigned by Facebook, and not one that you have chosen yourself):

Once you have located your Facebook mobile email address, copy it and log into your Google+ profile page.

Click on

“Create New Circle” and title it “FB Updates”, so that you can
easily recognize it later on.

Paste in your Facebook mobile email address, adding it to your new circle as a contact. You will need to enter in a name for this contact, so call it

“Facebook Update”

or something that will help you identify it.

Choose “Add 1 person to this circle” and save your progress.

You will now see the “FB Updates” circle added to your
profile with 1 contact, your FB mobile email address.

Whenever you wish to copy one of your updates over to
your Facebook status, simply select the “FB Updates” circle as a recipient of a new post or update, along with your regular circles.

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  1. Great tip,I only just found your site through the Warrior Forum and will bookmark you.