Monday, 6 February 2012

How To Use Google+ Part 13

Create a Memorable Google+ Link:

Another quick tip is to shorten your Google+ profile link so that you can easily share with others on your blog, website or within your emails. Plus, it simply makes the link far more memorable.

There are many different "Google+" URL shortening-tools popping up on the scene, with the most popular one being

With Gplus, you can turn a long link into a in minutes.
This service is absolutely free.

+1 For Maximum Traffic
Google introduced the
+1 option, which gives people the opportunity to essentially "like" certain pages or websites that theyve visited.

Each time someone clicks the “+1” button, it adds weight to the content or page, essentially helping it gain more exposure, boosting its search engine ranking. In other words, when you +1 content, you are indicating to those found within your circles that you have something you’d like them to check
out, or that you believe to be valuable or worthwhile.

You can “+1” your own websites, blogs and content each time you post a new feed or update in your Google+ stream!

You can also choose to add a “+1” button to your websites, which allows those who visit your site to recommend it. You can find the code and customize the size of your button by visiting:
By doing this, those that are part of your circles will see your
recommendation and in turn, they too may +1 your update. The more +1’s that your content receives, the more exposure it will be given!

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