Friday, 16 December 2011

Ten Ways To make $10k Part 9

TRADE Products Online  
I call this little $10,000 a month strategy "trading," since it not only utilizes common trading marketplaces, but also because the products will only be in your possession for a short amount of time.

You can also think of it as "flipping" products, since you’ll be buying products at a low price and selling for a tidy profit.

You’re probably wondering what types of products you can flip.

If you’ve read the rest of this report, then you already know the answer. Specifically, you need to find a hungry market first… and then give them what they’re already buying! And as usual, be sure to specialize by focusing on one ravenous niche.

Tip: Not sure what to sell? If you have any interest in antiques and collectibles, then that’s one avenue you might want to pursue. Selling antiques and collectibles is virtually recession proof. Even if the sales slow for a while, the price almost never goes down (as the general trend for the value of an antique is to rise year after year).

Now, what makes this $10,000 strategy different from some of the others we’ve talked about are the following two points:

• This strategy focuses solely on physical products.

• You’ll have your phone ringing off the hook with people who want to sell their products to you for dirt cheap!

So, how does it work? Like this:

1) Figure out what products you’re going to sell. Maybe you’ll sell antique pocket watches, baseball cards, unusual artwork, jewelry or anything else. Find a hungry market who’s already buying these products, and you’re in business.

2) Learn everything you can about these products… especially if they’re antiques or collectibles. Find out what markings make them extra-rare (and valuable), as well as what can detract from the price. Study eBay closed auctions to get a feel for the price ranges of these products.

3) Find cheap products. Once you know the minimum these products generally sell for, then seek out products for less than that amount.

Example: If you have know that a certain type of pocket knife sells in a range of $50 to $125, with most selling for around $75, then your job is to buy these knives for LESS than $50.

Here are the best sources to find these products (or to have buyers contacting you):

a) Place an ad on CraigsList. If you’re dealing in small products that are easy to ship, then you can place ads in cities far away from you. Don’t make the ad about you – make it about the benefits the reader will receive (e.g., "Get cash for your old pocket watches").

b) Place want ads in your local paper.

c) Place want ad flyers in your neighborhood.

d) Ask for referrals from everyone you know
especially those who’ve sold something to you in the past.

e) Go to local rummage sales, flea markets and estate auctions.

f) Search online auctions (like eBay or even niche auctions) for mislabeled products, misspelled products, products with poor descriptions or pictures, etc. You can pick up bargain-priced products that you can quickly flip for a profit.

Once you have the products in hand, all you have to do is take good pictures of them, write compelling auction descriptions and immediately flip them on eBay, niche auction sites, Yahoo! Auctions, or even on

Once you’ve built up a buyer’s list, then you can start selling these products directly to your list.

police ebay auctions sell many things well under price.

For more information on how to trade products for quick and easy profits online, click here.

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