Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Ten Ways To Make $10k Part 6

TAG and Ping Your Way to Riches
Can you turn mere words into $10,000 per month – without actually selling those words as an ebook or other information product? You bet you can!

Namely, by blogging your way to wealth!
Here’s the idea:
You set up a niche blog that’s of interest to a very specific audience. Then you monetize your blog in one or more of the following ways:

By promoting your own products to the people who visit your blog weekly or even daily.

• By promoting affiliate products (i.e., other people’s products).

• By promoting CPA (cost per action) offers, where you get a commission every time your visitors perform a specific action such as filling out a form

• By using Google AdWords, where you make money every time someone merely clicks on an ad on your site.

• By asking for and accepting donations on your blog. (Don’t discount this tactic – there are several well-known bloggers who make over $100,000 per year almost entirely through donations.)

So, how do you go about starting a blog that can bring you $10,000 per month? Here’s an overview of the simple yet lucrative process:

1) First, choose a hungry niche. They should not only be hungry for information (so that they’ll read your blog), but they should also be willing and eager to put money down to solve their problems or otherwise improve their lives. Figure out what they’re already buying (which will help you decide how to monetize your blog).

2) Second, research the competition. Visit the busy, popular and profitable blogs in your niche to find out what makes them so popular and busy. Then figure out how to set your blog apart and make it better.

3) Next, buy a domain at NameCheap, GoDaddy or elsewhere that reflects the topic of your blog.

4) Fourth, go to WordPress.org and download the latest version of the blogging software. Install and customize it.

5) Next, start blogging! Populate your blog initially with about ten posts, just so your early visitors get the impression that you have a popular blog with good content. Then commit to updating your blog at least two or three times per week. If suitable, you may even want to update it daily. 

Quick Tip:

 You don’t have to sit by your blog every day and manually update it. You can pre-load content and "drip" it to your readers on a pre-set schedule. You can do this by either loading up the content and setting it for a future posting date, or by purchasing autoblogging software that does all the work for you.

Here’s what else you need to know to start driving traffic and making money:

Optimize your posts for the search engines by creating articles around specific keywords. You may use WordTracker or any keyword tool to find out what niche keywords your market is already searching for.

• "Tag" each of your posts using relevant keywords. WordPress allows you to add tags (keywords) automatically when you’re posting your articles. You can also use your keywords as your category titles.

• Ping the blog directories as necessary so that they crawl your site whenever you make a new post. If you’re using WordPress, it pings the directories automatically. Otherwise, you can use a service like pingoat.com.

• Finally, you need to create content that gets people coming back to your site again and again. You may create posts such as:

• "Top ten" lists. Create several useful top ten lists, and your blog will become the "go to" place for niche-specific information. For example, a weight loss site might list the top ten diets, the top ten weight loss supplements, the top ten exercises, the top ten fat-burning foods and so on.

• Product reviews in your niche. Be sure to list the product flaws as well as the good points, as absolute honesty fosters trust… and sales! Be sure to use your affiliate link.

• Controversial articles that go viral. Don’t be afraid to polarize your audience. You may repel some people, but you’ll draw your target market closer to you.

• Highly useful content (the type of content that others are selling).

• Strong opinion articles (which can often create a buzz). Go ahead and get passionate while taking a strong stand.

Articles that join conversations already going on in your niche. If you take a different viewpoint or form a strong opinion, people will migrate to your blog just because you’re offering something different.

 Answers to frequently asked questions. (Just visit blogs in your niche to see what sorts of questions people are regularly asking.)

 And anything that sets your blog posts apart and gets people talking and linking to your blog.

For more information about how to turn a simple blog into a thriving, profitable business, click here.

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