Thursday, 15 December 2011

Ten Ways To Make $10k Part 8

TWEAK and Flip Information Products

Here’s another way to profit from information products without having to deal with the product creation yourself.

Namely, by buying, tweaking and then reselling products

that come with product label rights (PLR).
PLR products are those products where you purchase the right to modify the product and, generally, do with it as you please (as long as you follow the terms of your PLR license). That means you usually can modify the product, break it up, add it to another PLR product, change the format (e.g., create an audio product or a physical product), sell it, give it away, etc.

Now here’s why this can be so extraordinarily profitable…

Even though 20, 200 or even 500 people might have the rights to this same product, very few of them will actually take any action. Of those that take action, most will simply use the PLR product as-is, without any modifications whatsoever.

However, all you have to do is invest an hour or so of your time to modify the product, thereby creating a new, unique product. Then you can change the title, create new ecover graphics and tweak the sales letter.

The best part? That one hour you invested eliminated all your direct competition, because you’re selling a unique product!

Quick Tip: You don’t even have to rework the product yourself. Visit or similar to find a competent freelancer willing to rewrite and tweak PLR content. Some will do it for just a few pennies per word.

Here’s how to make this profit plan work for you:

1) Start by finding a hungry niche market. Once you do that, then find out what they’re already buying. As usual, there’s no reason to innovate when you can latch onto a profit from a "sure thing."

2) Find PLR content similar to what your niche is already buying. Search Google for your keywords alongside the word "PLR" or similar. So, for example, "weight loss PLR."

3) Tweak the content. Minimally, that means rewrite the introduction, rewrite the conclusion, rename the chapters and create a new title. Ideally, you should also add to or otherwise modify the content to make it your own.

Quick Tip: You may also "nichefy" the content, which means you tweak it to speak directly to a niche market. So a general weight loss book could become "safe weight loss for teenagers."

To get the most benefit from your PLR investment, you can keep modifying the product to spawn dozens of new products aimed at different niches. So your weight loss book might also be tweaked to target new moms, senior citizens, sedentary office workers, people in wheelchairs and so on!

4) Set up a lead capture system and sales funnel. You may pull in a tidy up front profit from your PLR content, but the real money lays hidden in the backend. That means you should always be selling more products to your existing
customers. You can keep selling PLR content, of course. You can even set up a membership site to tap into the backend income effortlessly!

5) Create a sales letter – or tweak the sales letter includes in the package. And then…

6) Drive traffic to your site and start counting your money!

As you can see, this is an extremely fast and easy way to start making money.

Whereas it might take you weeks or even months to create your own product and start selling it, you can buy a PLR package in the morning and be making a profit in the afternoon.

For the complete details on how to turn simple PLR products into profit monsters, click here.

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