Tuesday, 13 March 2012

How To Get 10,000 You Tube Views This Week Part 9

11. Post Video On Forums

Are you a member of an online forum?

There is an online forum for just about any hobby, sport or group with the same interest.

If you’re into extreme sports like downhill mountain biking or base jumping, there are several online forums full of people who love it just like you.

These forums have 1000’s of active members who are keen to check out new and exciting videos, and you can easily get their eye balls by simply posting your video to a new or popular thread.

Just make sure you are posting your video in a related forum. Don’t post your “how to make money online” in a snowboarding forum. That’s just not cool.

No one likes spam, so don’t post anything that will annoy people. Because forums are full of real people, and they are usually in the forum a lot, they can smell a rat (or spammer) from a mile away.

If your video is pure entertainment, then it’s fine to post it in any related forum you are a part of. But if your video is just an ad to get people to go to a site somewhere or buy something, you (and the forum members) won’t be a happy camper.
If you’re not a member of any online forums, go out and search for some and join them.
To find an online forum where there are similar people with the same interests as you, just do a search like this in Google:
“your hobby/topic” + forum
You’ll get a list of all the popular and active forums. Of course, make sure it is active. You won’t have much fun (or get people to watch your video) if the forum is dead.
Also, make sure the forum isn’t full of spam, because sometimes they can get taken over with spam and that is not where you want to be.
Cool tip: Put your link to your video or website or Youtube channel in your Signature file.
You can edit your Sig in your forum account and most forums let you put anything in there (like images or big clickable text)... add something that catches the eye.. as long as it’s not too big or spammy.

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