Thursday, 1 March 2012

How To Get 10,000 You Tube Views This Week Part 5

7. Make Your Video Go Viral

I mentioned in the introduction of this report that if your video is extremely cool, i.e. has someone famous, extremely lucky, a girl with big boobs, someone who is stupidly funny or cute, it will go viral and get thousands, even millions of views by itself.

In other words, it needs to have “entertainment value”, because that’s what 99% of the people on Youtube (and the whole internet) are there for - entertainment.

In this rare case that is does go super viral, it doesn’t matter about your title, description or keywords. People are going to be sharing it and it will spread like wild fire.

Unfortunately, not everyone can produce videos that go viral like some of the ones you and I have seen. In most cases, those videos contain things that just happen by chance and the guys behind the camera were lucky enough to “catch it on tape”. They are seldom planned.. but sometimes they are.

I’m betting if you were around online in 2010, you would have seen the Mentos and Diet coke experiment videos. Catching ontop a craze like this and making a video about it can end up with a lot of views!
While we can’t always be lucky enough to have our cameras ready when a girl fight breaks out or when a horse swings and throws a ball at you, you can make your videos clever and entertaining.
If you really want your video to go viral, you can make it happen, it just needs some prior thought and planning.
Incorporate these things in your video and you have a better chance of it going viral.
·         Funny e.g. parody
·         Stupid
·         Rare talent
·         Extreme
·         Controversial
·         Helpful e.g. “How to” tutorial
·         Professional e.g. HD, high quality, professional production
·         Original
·         Sexy (it’s true.. sex sells)
These are the common elements you’ll find in most viral videos. I’m not saying to use all these in the same video, but if you can make it funny and a bit controversial.. maybe even a little sexy, then you stand a good chance of people going crazy over it and reaching a bigger crowd.

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