Saturday, 3 March 2012

How To Get 10,000 You Tube Views This Week Part 6

8. Get Subscribers to Your Channel

If it’s numbers you’re after, then getting subscribers is the sure-fire way to guarantee you get views to your videos.

  The  main benefit being that whenever you upload a new video, all of your subscribers will see your new video’s thumbnail when they log in next time to Youtube.

If you have 10,000 subscribers, then straight away you almost have a guaranteed 10,000 views in the bag without doing anything.

 But the hard part is that we all start with ZERO subscribers and build up.
So how do you get subscribers?
First of all it’s pretty hard to get subscribers if you don’t have many videos. Usually, people will subscriber after they check out a few of your videos and decide “hey, this guy makes cool videos.. I want to watch more!”
The more videos you have uploaded and live on your channel the better.
Keep your videos all related to one topic. Consistency is key.
If you have videos about all types of things, like scenes of a basketball game you’re in or a video of a family BBQ, it’s not going to get people to like your channel.

  That’s why there is the sports channel, the movie channel, news, documentaries, MTV all on separate channels on normal TV. There is a reason why those corporate TV stations don’t mix genres.
 And again with the “entertainment value” factor, your videos need to be entertaining or you just won’t be able to keep your viewer watching - or even think about subscribing.
The best way though to get subscribers, even if your video is just average, and that is to ask viewers to subscribe.
Just like asking for your viewers to LIKE your video or comment, you can ask them to subscribe. A few of the more popular Youtubers use a Jingle in their videos that are catchy and get people to subscribe. It’s easy to think up a little jingle or a cool catch phrase to add at the end of every video you make.
If you’re not real creative when it comes to jingles or catch phrases, a simple request to “subscribe” is effective. Remember, if you don’t ask, you may never get any subscribers and there is no harm in asking!
Unfortunately, getting subscribers can be a bit challenging. If you want to take the easy way out and get subscribers and likes all without lifting a finger, then you should check out and try the automatic TubeToolbox software for free.

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