Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Ad Swaps List Building Secrets 3

Ad Swaps

So let’s move on to ad swaps. Ad swaps are

 where  you send out an ad to your list promoting

 someone else’s squeeze page and then someone

 else does the same for you to their list. So it’s

 similar to solo ads except for no one is buying

 anything; you’re just trading off ads.

  The place where everybody has moved to these

 days is called safe-swaps.com.

There used to be a site called IMadswaps.com, which

 was like an ad swap forums. There are other forums

that kind of emerged in the last few years and

 they’ve pretty much slowed down because of


The thing about ad swaps is that it is getting less

 effective because seeing that it emerged around

2009, around the time Listbuilding Accelerator 1

 came out, that’s when everyone was discovering ad

 swaps and starting to do it. Now people are

over-mailing their lists with ad swaps.

They’re doing way more ad swaps so they’re getting

 less responses from the subscribers.

  Retention rates are going down, click thru rates are

 going down, but if you still want to generate

hundred’s of leads per day, you still can do that.

  The key to profiting from ad swaps is the same key

to profiting with solo ads, which is your sales funnel.

  So if you’ve got a good sales funnel, you can use it

 for your ad swaps.

  Also, ad swaps are a great way totest your sales

 funnel before you start buying something like solo


  You’re probably going to get less quality leads from

 ad swaps than you are solo ads, yet it’s still a good

 indication of whether your sales funnel will convert

traffic into sales, and that’s what’s necessary to profit

 with ad swaps, because you’re not promoting

 anything that’s going to be making money directly to

 your list; you’re promoting someone else’s squeeze

page, so you’re relying on the traffic coming from the

 JV partner’s list to your sales funnel. I’ve, in the

past, made up to $5,000 a month just with ad

swapping, so it’s something to think about.

  Depending on your sales funnel, you can do ad

swaps every single day if you want to, become the

 master of ad swaps and just tweak your sales funnel

 and have very good business there.

  You don’t want to overcomplicate marketing.

This kind of thinking is really profitable if you could

get super focused.

  Think about how simple this business is right here.

  You put together a sales funnel.

  You do ad swaps every day. You test your sales

funnel every day until you’re converting the

maximum amount of visitors who land on your


## That in itself is a business no matter what anyone


  So that’s what I try to do in my business..SIMPLIFY.

I have a daily routine that I try to simplify down

 more and more every day until that is just brain

 dead stupid, and lately, it has been solo ads because

 I’ve found that I’m getting the best returns on solo


  But if I didn’t have any money, I would start off

 with JV giveaways just to generate 100 subscribers

or so, then I would move to safe-swaps.com and I

would start ad swapping.

That’s what I would do if I didn’t have any money.


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