Thursday, 5 April 2012

Solo Ads List Building Secrets 2

Solo Ads

The next list building tactic I want to talk about is

 solo ads.

  When I'm actively running solo ads, I’m usually able

 to generate hundreds of leads per day right now,

 this year.

This may change down the road, but as of right now,

 this year, solo ads are cheap, they’re effective and

 very easy because you don’t have to worry about

 landing page quality score or paying per click and

 keeping an eye on your ads ad paying by the click.

  What you’re getting is an ad that goes out to a

 subscriber list, so whenever you buy a solo ad; let’s

 say you buy a solo ad for $300 for 1,000 clicks to

 your site, you pay 30 cents per click to your site and

 you know exactly how many clicks are going to come

 to your site and the guy who sends you a solo ad

 sends an ad out to his email list, which recommends

 your freebie or your website.

  So they’re transferring their authority over to you,

 in a way, that’s what makes it the most effective

way of generating traffic right now, in my opinion.

  Because the ads are still cheap, it’s very effective

 for anybody who has the money to risk on it.

  One place you can find a lot of great solo ad deals is

 by getting on Skype and talking to different solo ad


  I realize it’s not going to be easy just to find a solo

 ad seller, or any solo ad sellers if you have no clue

 about the world of solo ads right now, but once you

 find some solo ad sellers, you want to start

 connecting with them on Skype and getting into the

 world of solo ads because you can meet so many

 different solo ad sellers who will give you great deals

 on Skype that they don’t give outside of Skype.

  You can find solo ads at one place called

  That’s where I would go if I were going to go and

 look for solo ads right now.

  The key to have profitable solo ads is your sales


  You want to have the squeeze page that generates

 the free leads that gives away something.

  Then you have an upsell from there, which will be a

 one-time offer for something that’s below the $17

 price point and then you want to have upsells from

 there so you can afford to pay for your solo ads.

  Now you may also want to promote things on the

 download page for your freebies that you’re giving


  That way you can come close to breaking even or

 you can profit directly right away from that solo ad

 before you even get the subscribers on your list.

  Although many solo ads I haven’t profited from

 right up front, I made a profit on the backend from

 promoting strictly to the subscriber list.

  That’s something you have to think about.

  A lot of companies in advertising are willing to pay a

 lot of money upfront and even lose money on the

 front end because they know they’re going to make

 money on the backend with their follow up

 marketing, which is what email marketing is all



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