Thursday, 16 August 2012

How To Use Technorati The word technorati is a combination of the words technology
and literati. The mainstay of technorati is blogs. Technorati is basically concerned with the world ‘live’ web, as opposed to the World Wide Web. The world ‘live’ web is that part of the World Wide Web which is constantly being updated and is interactive.

 Technorati searches for and organizes independent, user generated content, whether it is blogs, videos or pictures. This kind of ‘personal’ media is also sometimes referred to as citizen media.
Before examining the workings of technorati, let’s take a look at blogs as they are the basis of technorati. A weblog or blog (as it is commonly known) is a kind of daily diary or journal but it is online. Blogs are a very powerful tool of communication.
They may be very personal and not actually trying to achieve an audience at all,whilst on the other hand, they could be vying for mass viewing. In any case, blogs are quite influential. They reflect a wide variety of opinions and topics, and they are as varied as the millions who write them and read them. Millions also respond to these blogs and are influenced by them.

Within the blogging community, bloggers connect to other bloggers on a regular basis. This means that they are engaged in an interaction that is almost like an open conversation. This is where technorati comes to fore.

Technorati tracks blogs and the conversations around them, and it rapidly indexes these links. The world live web is buzzing with activity that many are entirely
unaware of.For example, every day over 175,000 new blogs are created. These blogs are updated regularly as well. There are 18 blog updates per second – which means that there are 1.6 million posts being made every day. This could be a gold mine of potential visitors to your website.

Using Technorati: Making It Work For You

Technorati’s mainstay is the blogs that people create.
You can sign up for a free account and start posting your blog pages to Technorati straight away. You can also create a user profile for yourself, so that others can get to know you and your interests and help you to network better. The site also includes news, and is broken down into these two main categories – news and blogs. There are topical categories as well, and these include business, entertainment, lifestyle,
sports, technology and photos. Each topical category has blogs and news items related to it.

As a member, you can ‘favorite’ the blog or posting of a fellow user. You could even‘ favorite’ the user. This means that you are giving them a ‘thumbs up’ for all of the posts made by that user. Imagine how many link backs it can create to your website if people favorite your profile or even your posts in the same way.

Technorati also makes a distinction between the most ‘favorited’ blogs and the top commented-on blogs. So this brings a greater number of blogs to people’s attention.If, for example, the aim of your blog is to spread information, it may not garner too many comments but it may be a favorite of many users. On the other hand, blogs that are more opinionated and interactive will invite much more commenting.

The ‘popular’ page on the website displays the top five blogs, the ones that have been voted as ‘favorite’ by the most people, and it also provides a link to the top one hundred favorite blogs. It also shows the number of people who have voted the particular blog as favorite. The ‘popular’ page also lists the top five blogs that have the most comments made about them and provides a link to the top one hundred most commented on blogs. This page shows the number of comments made about a post as well.

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