Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Twitter To Generate Traffic


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Twitter took the online business arena by storm when it quickly grew in popularity attracting millions of users who can choose to 'follow' updates from those they are interested in.

Twitter offers a flexible API system that allows third party developers to create Twitter plugins and applications that enhance their accounts overall functionality.

One of these services is found at where you can set up automatic greeting messages that thank those who follow you for becoming a contact, while being able to promote a squeeze page, incentive offer or gift of some kind.

This is a great way to quickly build a list in your niche market, while establishing a relationship with those who choose to follow your updates and public timeline.

With Twitter, you can quickly build a profile that features your website URL and photo, while integrating keywords within your bio field to attract visitors to your page whenever similar keywords are entered in Twitter's built in search engine.

One thing to keep in mind when using Twitter as a marketing channel is that the more interactive you are, the more exposure you'll receive.

Every post you submit through your Twitter account will go out to everyone who follows you. In addition, your posts will be archived within your main profile page so that new followers can browse through previous updates.

Twitter is an incredibly useful tool when conducting niche research or testing the viability of a market.

From newspapers to television stations, Twitter has become an easy way to post instant news and alerts, and as an online entrepreneur, you can utilize this information to determine what your target market is consistently responding to and interested in by following those who are established within your market or industry and keeping an eye on their current broadcasts and launch announcements.

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