Monday, 28 May 2012

Use Facebook To Dominate Social Marketing


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Facebook surpassed MySpace and became the most popular social network online in 2009.

With Facebook, you can interact with those in your market by adding them as a contact, but you can also generate exposure a number of other ways from within the Facebook community:

1) Create Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Facebook offers its own internal advertising center where you can set up "Adwords style" advertisements that appear whenever specific keywords are entered within the Facebook community.

You can customize your Facebook ads so that they become visible only to potential customers based on gender, age, or even location.

With Facebook advertising, you can pay per click (CPC) or impression (CPM),

and can schedule your ads to run for a specific time or on an ongoing basis.

You can create your advertisement by visiting

2) Create Facebook Fan Pages

A free (and effective) method of generating exposure and building a reputation within your niche market is by creating a Facebook fan page. A fan page is similar to creating a new Facebook profile, where you can add notes, messages, download links, and images to your fan page, while managing your fan pages all directly from within your main Facebook account.

One of the greatest benefits of building fan pages is that you can provide potential customers and leads with free samples or downloads of your products, or you can build a list by featuring an opt-in box directly on your Fan page!

Marketing Resources: When marketing your business with Facebook, there are many different applications available to help you maximize your exposure and maintain your account, including:

My Profile Box

Social RSS

Facebook Video



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